Punching above your weight in the IFRS family – Ep. 1 of 9

The Future of Financial Reporting: A Question of Influence – future[inc]

The Future of Financial Reporting looks at the current international financial reporting landscape from the perspective of standard-setters, preparers, investors, advisors and professional accounting bodies and discusses how IFRS adopters and standard-takers can influence the global reporting agenda to achieve desired domestic outcomes.
With the rise of digital technologies, shifts in economic power and moves away from historical financial reporting towards more integrated outputs, does the current landscape fit us well for the future?

The International Standard Setters: Ian Mackintosh FCA and Sue Lloyd talk about Australia and New Zealand’s influence on the global stage, the importance of financial statements as a communication tool and how by thinking globally, countries can work together to achieve better reporting outcomes.

Ian Mackintosh was the inaugural vice-chair of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and is a former chief accountant of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. He has more than 30 years of experience of national and international accounting standard-setting. Ian retired from the IASB in June 2016.

Sue Lloyd was appointed to the IASB in January 2014 and is the current vice-chair. She previously served as the IASB’s Senior Director of Technical Activities and Director of Capital Markets. Before joining the IASB, she held various senior positions in investment banking for JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.
The views expressed in this video reflect the individual views of the interviewees.

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