Leisure Coast (live at the Heritage 2014) – Svegie’s Vegies

Remember those dark days of the 1980s when unemployment ruled, the dole queue bulged, and the ‘recession we had to have’ was just around the corner? Thank god Svegie’s Vegies were there, to take the sting off the doom and gloom with witty and penetrating observational lyrics that cut through the crap like a crystal bullet. ‘Leisure Coast’ is a certified Vegies classic, with words by drummer David Henderson and music by guitarist/vocalist John Firth – taking to task an era when civic leaders brainstormed the concept of renaming the South Coast in an attempt to eclipse the shadow of toxic chemical fumes spewing out of the Port Kembla Steel Works. Here it is in all its glory – performed live at the Vegies reunion gig at Bulli’s Heritage Hotel in November 2014.

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