About Us

[dropcap]LGM[/dropcap]Videotainment is a collective of uber-experienced network television broadcast production specialists who believe the future of television is … online. That’s right! What discerning viewer really needs to be slave to network programming schedules? When you can watch what you want. When you want.

And LGM knows exactly what you want. Like smokin’ hot presenters, showing how to make more of your life. Ever wished you knew how to make that perfect cocktail to impress a date, without spilling the contents all over the carpet? Check out the Lava Lounge with bubbly cocktail queen Carly Everett. She’ll show you how to shake it.

Keep your eyes on LGM as we continue to roll-out our must-see slate of premium original content.

LGM Videotainment. Lads! Gals! Mayhem! And more.

The future of infotainment television has arrived. Its name is LGM. And we know what you want! 🙂

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